Please read this before placing your order.


It is an industry standard that courier consignments are charged at the greater of either the actual weight or volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the length, breadth and height (in centimetres) and dividing this by the applicable volumetric conversion factor which is 5 000.

For example:


For larger packages like the Ship Box, additional fees are applied.

Ordering Ex-factory

We carry local stock of the most popular products and it’s shipped from Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg.

For most products however, ordering is done directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), which means we only order once a month from the various suppliers. This increases the time you have to wait for delivery to up to 6 weeks. (Under the current COVID-19 restrictions, this may be even longer.)


We do allow you to place an order for out-of-stock items, and will be dispatching these once new stock arrives at our suppliers or depots.