About us

Greatermans was established in 2014 to provide the ship modeler and model boat enthusiast with a one stop port of call for everything they need. Due to the lack of adequate supply and support from local importers and distributors, we have opted to establish a network of agents throughout Southern Africa to promote and cultivate the model boating industry and allow local importers and hobby shops to grow the boating sector of the hobby. As the smallest portion of the RC hobby, we are determined to see it grow.

Our Vision

To become the most innovative supplier of quality scale and remote controlled models in Southern Africa.

We value the interest in the model boating hobby and the art of scale model construction and have partnered with the predominent Clubs offering the various activities that focus on the “leisure” market.

Greatermans is part of The High Option Ltd, a public company registered in South Africa. Our other toy divisions include Toy City and Free Your Imagination.

Should you have any specific needs, feel free to get in touch.